YDRO PROCESS® est.2007


The name “Ydro” originates from the ancient Greek word, “ῠ̔́δωρ” (ýdor), which translates to water.

This wastewater treatment technology is named after the respect the ancient Greeks had for water and anything to do with nature and protecting it.

This unique and alternative environmentally beneficial wastewater treatment method of operation was initially developed by HYDROTECH ENVIRONMENTAL; a European based Greek company focused on the study, design, construction, operation and optimization of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.
Together, our teams work to solve the toughest wastewater challenges and to expand on and develop new applications and methods.

We are committed to innovation and continuously work to improve methods, processes and applications and perform research to introduce new products and/or process to augment our environmental portfolio of solutions.
Leverage our knowledge and expertise and together we can tackle your wastewater treatment issues.

We are Committed to Helping Companies Find Green Solutions That Will Have a Positive Impact with Both Environmental and Economic Appeal Towards Sustainability.

how the ydro process works