97% reduction of excess sludge

The plant would typically haul 100,000 gallons of sludge/week (5,200,000 during a 52-week period). The Digester was hauled during the Interference incidents (November 2017 & March 2018) by less than 200,000 gallons approximately

  • 97% reduction in sludge hauling was achieved over a 52-week period
  • 75% Reduction in TP Effluent without any Phosphorus removal infrastructure
  • All previous products, for nutrient removal, odor control and sludge reduction failed to deliver as promised and thus, stopped being used after the Ydro Process® introduced
  • The Utility as well as Texas Commission On Environmental Quality (T.C.E.Q.) used to receive odor complaints multiple times a week. After the introduction of the Ydro Process®, no odor complaints were received
  • The use of Air Scrubbers is unnecessary
  • More than 690,000 lbs. of Dry Solids/or 4,800,000 gallons of sludge have been eliminated without hauling

Reduction of hauling >97% over a 52 week period

  • Total Dry Solids that would exist in the system if using conventional methods and not hauling would be approximately 842,000 lbs.

  • It is noted that by using the Ydro Process® for 12 months, it was observed that approximately 695,000 lbs of Dry Solids have been eliminated from the system.

  • At the end of the 3rd month, it is observed that the system is reaching the equilibrium of mass balance; meaning that the amount of Total Dry Solids in the system has started to stabilize and remain constant and there is no production of excess sludge.